Who We Are

Help St. Barth was started the day after hurricane Irma devastated St. Barth. One year later we are a legal nonprofit in both the US and France. We have three board members as well as a tremendous amount of support from the St. Barth government, local and international organizations as well as a world wide network of caring volunteers and donors. 

Help St. Barth is committed to continuing charitable contributions to enhance the lives of St Barths residents and visitors alike. 

Help St. Barth Board

annelisa gee

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Mai Linh Norton

Mai is a wash-ashore spending most of her time on three islands from Nantucket to Newport to St. Barth. She has a deep love for the island and its residents. She renovates historical houses in the United States. She spends about five months a year on the island through out the year. 


Douglas Foregger

Douglas has been loving St. Barth for over 25 years. Douglas currently lives on the island most of the year, where he is involved in the island real estate business. He can often be found with his three children enjoying the beach or sailing around the island.