Our Mission:

The Help St. Barth Fund was established as a GoFundme.com Page immediatly after Hurricane Irma devastated the island of St. Barthelemy (St. Barth) in the French West Indies.  As of July 2018 our organization is officially a 501c3 U.S. Nonprofit as well as a publicly supported French NonProfit based in St. Barths (under the name of St. Barth's Initiative ), these two organizations function together.

We are focused on supporting the community of St. Barth's. In the wake of Hurricane Irma we met immediate needs of the Island as best we could by supplying food, supplies, tarps, and equipment for public and private use. Currently  we have been focused on rebuilding homes of the people who are in the most need, this list of people has been entrusted to us by the collectivity (St. Barthelemy local government), as we Help St. Barth are rebuilding the homes. 

We are not limited to the rebuliding of homes on the island. We are looking forward to supporting the community in the years to come in a multitude of ways. Working with other nonprofits and like minded supporters who want to make a difference and make our Island Home a better place to live for residents as well as visitors from all over the world. 

Help St. Barth Facebook Page 


So incredibly grateful for you angels! We were desperate and you appeared with essential survival necessities! Forever Grateful!
— Karina Moul on Help St. Barth Facebook September 12, 2017

What We've Achieved Together.

  • We have collectively bought, shipped and distributed 100 chainsaws for the Collectivity to use as well as the General Public.

  • We have bought and shipped more than 1200 blue tarps to people who have damaged roofs or no roofs on the island of St. Barth

  • We have worked with other smaller funds to help organize and collectively give for immediate needs of the island.

  • We have organized with local businesses in St. Barth: Gustavia Yacht Club Hurricane Relief fund, Tradewind Aviation, The Bucket Regatta, Terra St Barth... and many others.

  • We have bought and given out over 1000 pairs of gloves to workers and people to assist with island clean up.

  • We have distributed hundreds of work gloves, water and drinks to the people that help the island recover

  • We have bought and distributed and given thousands of dollars of food, baby formula and Diapers to those in need as well as with the Red Cross.

  • We are working on a daily basis with the local government to understand the needs of the Government on the island as well as the people who live here.

  • We will continue to do out best working with all of these organizations to help the island recover from this disaster.

  • We are working on our Non-Profit status in the United States. This fund was established on Sept 6th, 2017.