Help St. Barth Update March 2019

Just this week had our monthly meeting with the Collectivity and the Head of the Red Cross on the island, as well as the Head of the Red Cross for the Caribbean. Our meetings are to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as our progress and also how funds are being spent thought out the rebuilding and fixing of the last 8 homes that were heavily damaged by hurricane Irma. The Red Cross give Help St. Barth 30% of the total expenditures for these homes that need to be rebuilt, and the collectivity gives us 8,000 euros per project. We are responsible for raising the remaining funds.

The budget to fix these homes is 143,000 euros, this is not including the red cross or the collectivity contributions.

This week Kevin Tedeschi has given Help St. Barth 5,000 euros that will go towards reaching our overall goal. Thank you so much for your ongoing support in our efforts to help with the rebuilding.

Help St. Barth is also can be seen as a way to receive and give funds to other smaller island entities or projects for the community that might require monetary assistance. Any of these cases would be presented and evaluated by our three board members based on need and fit.

If you would like to sponsor a children’s education program, start a scholarship for island kids, or give money to a St. Barth nonprofit that doesn’t have U.S. 501c3 status please reach out to us as we are as a resource for St. Barth Community.

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