Hurricane Irma House Project review in Lorient

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Help St. Barth met with the Red Cross to review this project in the Village of Lorient. In the photos you will see that it is a small caste (little cottage) that was destroyed by Hurricane Irma. It was no longer livable after the hurricane came through and the elderly resident has not been able to come home since. The home had no insurance, and her background has been fully checked by the local government to prove that she has no help, finances, or money. These couple major issues for the resident and the home are only the start. Also the management of the contrstuction and materials etc have to be organized… permitting? The majority of this is organized by Help St. Barth, taking the responsiblity of the building. We are a volunteer organization. This person was in very real need with no where else to go.

The Red Cross has funded 30% of each project we have taken on and the collectivity has given us a flat amount of a little over 8,000 euros. The rest is up to Help St. Barth to raise. We have estimated the amount at 250,000 euros to finish the last five projects after the support from our partner organizations.

This elderly woman’s home has already received some support from the Red Cross that has offered her a wheelchair. A ramp will be built when it is reconstructed as a small caste as it was, so that she will be able to access her home easier.

Please if you would like to donate please go though our donation page. Your donation is tax deductible and will be used towards helping her be able to have a roof over her head again after now over a year after Hurricane Irma.

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